The Food Hub

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The GWCC Food Hub is a “Local-comes-first” regional distribution system, owned by its member-users. The Online Marketplace Provides a space for direct trade between local producers and consumers(both retail and wholesale). The co-op provides distribution on an  “at cost” basis on our “Delivery Days”.

GWCCFoodHubstage1We are essentially a vehicle for direct trade between local producers and consumers, and collective interaction with outside markets.

As shown in this image,  producer members are not limited to local farmers. Bakeries, market gardeners,  artisans, and various types of local crafts people can be involved as well.

Over time, we will be implementing additional tools for our members to collectively interact with outside markets, the earliest being our ability to function as a buying club from sources like the ONFC . This however, will only be done in a way that protects and honors our local producer membership. We are a Local-comes-first system that can still make inter-regional ethical products available.

(Page under construction)

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