Terms of Service

These terms are a work in progress and may change at any time. There are ways to get involved in policy generation with the GWCC, and not long from now we will even have an online portal for collective policy generation, amongst other things.  This is intended to be a set of unified terms for both the Online Marketplace, and the Collaboration site we are still rolling out, so some of the terms are already worded to include both sites.

Definitions – In these terms:

“Purchaser” or “consumer” is the member or user adding items to their basket for purchase.

“producer” is the producer or source of the product or service being sold.

“the website” is The Guelph Wellington Community Co-op’s Online Marketplace (GWCCOOP.ORG), whether the users interaction was actually on the website or through an accessibility related service, for example: ordering with a group or over the phone.

“the co-operative”, “the Co-op”, and/or “the GWCC” means The Guelph Wellington Community Co-operative Inc.

“Transacting parties” Herein refers to the relevant consumer(s), producer(s), and outside carrier(s) involved in a transaction using the website or related services, but in no case does it refer to the Co-operative.

“Outside Carrier” refers to a delivery or distribution service provided by an organization other than the GWCC.

Roles and Responsibilities in the Online Marketplace and the Food Hub:

With the exception of distribution fees, All Transactions on the website are a transaction between the producer and the consumer of the product(s) or service(s) involved. The role of the Co-operative is to facilitate and process the transaction, and aid in distribution.

The Producer maintains full responsibility for

  • providing the proper amount of the product,
  • that it is the proper product,
  • and the general condition of the product.

The Co-operative only accepts responsibility for:

  • the well being of the product while it is in transit IF the co-op is the carrier, and
  • fulfilling its role in processing the transaction to the best of its ability with the information provided by the transacting parties.

The consumer is fully responsible for the condition of the product as soon as it leaves the co-operatives, or outside carriers, physical possession.

Where an outside carrier is shipping a product, their own policies may apply. Where no policy or option for insurance is made available, the outside carrier takes full responsibility for the condition of the product while it is in their hands.

The “Order Cycle” or “Delivery Cycle”

Our “Online Marketplace” follows a repetitive pattern called an “Order Cycle” or “Delivery Cycle”. During the Order cycles “Open” and “Close” dates consumers can place their orders to be delivered the following “Delivery Day”.  Rather than having a “checkout” button that locks-in your order, you maintain full control over your basket while the order cycle is “open”, and all baskets are checked-out automatically when the order cycle “closes”. This means you have more control over your basket during the order cycle, however it also means that whatever you have in your basket at the end of the “order cycle”, you are agreeing to purchase.

Privacy Policy

The GWCC cares about our personal rights to privacy. We will not share or sell any of your personal information to outside parties.

Where users may share information over one of the co-operatives sites, settings are often available to limit who else has access to that information.

Many channels through which a user may share information over the GWCC’s sites are intended for a specific public, social, or internal purpose, for which privacy settings are not available or are limited in their use. By sharing any information through any channel available on the GWCC’s websites, the user agrees to share that information with all parties that have access to that channel. (Including but not limited to: activity feeds, forums, discussion groups, the Online MarketPlace, etc.). By sharing personal information over one of these channels, the user agrees they have consciously publicized the information and thus they save the co-operative from any liability that may arise from its use.

By submitting any information through, or to, any of the co-operatives websites, the user:

  • recognizes that all information submitted to, or through, the co-operatives websites is considered collaborative data to positively shape the future development of the co-operative.
  • agrees to grant the co-operatives administration full rights to use that information for internal purposes and the furtherance of the co-operative.

Where a user submits intellectual capital in the form of an artistic work, they may retain title to that work. However, they agree to grant the co-operative the full rights to share and/or use that work in the context of the way the information was submitted. For example:

  • If the work was submitted for public display, the co-operative retains the rights necessary to display it publicly on the behalf of the user.
  • If the work was submitted for purpose of being used or considered for use by the co-operative, the co-operative retains the rights to use that information in any facet that is not limited by terms attached to the channel through which the submission was made.

Where a user submits intellectual capital in the form of an idea, in thought or on paper, to a channel intended for user collaboration within the co-operative, they agree to grant the co-operative full and equal rights regarding that intellectual capital for the furtherance of the co-operative.

The co-operative may in specific cases share non-personal aggregated data and/or publicly omitted information with specific outside parties for specific purposes including: various types of workshops for our members, reporting our effectiveness to grant providers, and working with specific partner organizations considered in good faith to be working toward the furtherance of a localized, sustainable, and democratic economy. We take the use of all of our information seriously and promise to, at the best of our ability, never share our data with parties that might abuse it or use it in ways that betray the trust of our membership.