Signing up as a Consumer Member

The GWCC is a “Multi-Stakeholder” Co-operative with Consumer, Producer, and Worker Members.


The lifetime cost of a Consumer Membership is $40 for one (1) membership share.

To find the member registration form click the “sign up” button in the top-right corner of the screen, or on the right side of the homepage.

Follow any instructions while you fill out the form. To move through the form quickly,  Make sure you fill out all required areas marked with a (*), capitalize and space your postal code(“X1X 1X1″)  and fill out the “county” address field (..or you will be asked for it again)


If you miss a field on the form, remember to re-enter the Human Validation text.

When your finished you will see a mailing address and a Paypal button. If not using Paypal, please mail your payment by cheque or email to arrange a cash payment.

Now you can login, and your ready to start shopping! The next page you will see is the Shopping Panel. While your there, make sure to check the order cycle dates in the upper left corner. From here you can start viewing products.

If you haven’t already,  Please Click here to learn more about how this site works.

logintop If you forget your password: Click the “login” link under “Marketplace” in the top-bar.

On the next page you will see the “Forgot your password?” reset link directly under the password field. Click that link, then follow the instructions on the next page.


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