Signing up as a Producer Member

The GWCC is a “Multi-Stakeholder” Co-operative with Consumer, Producer, and Worker Members.

A fully paid Producer Member owns five (5) $40 membership shares, a value of $200.

Producers may begin with the purchase of only two (2) shares for $80, IF they agree to place 5% of their earnings from, or through, the co-op towards the purchase if the remaining shares, until the full five shares are owned.   (to learn more about how this occurs look to “Pricing” in “Adding and Editing Products”)

We are requesting in our early stages that Producers purchase the full amount of shares if they can.sgnup.2



First find the member registration form. Click the “sign up” button in the top-right corner of the screen, or on the right side of the homepage.

Follow any instructions while you fill out the form. Make sure to tick “I am interested in Becoming a Producer Member” directly under the “Business Name” field in Section 1. \/

producer1  To move through the form quickly,  Make sure you fill out all required areas marked with a (*), capitalize and space your postal code(“X1X 1X1″), and fill out the “county” address field (..or you will be asked for it again)


If you miss a field on the form, remember to re-enter the Human Validation text.



At the bottom of the form choose a Producer Membership type.


When your finished you will see a mailing address and a Paypal button. If using Paypal, do so before moving to the producer registration

At the bottom of the page there is a link to start filling out the producer registration form. Click here to continue.

If your not using Paypal, please mail your payment by cheque to the address shown, or email to arrange a cash payment.

At the top of the producer application you will be asked to create a unique web address. This address will link directly to your producer page and your products.producersign23  You can use this address to create links on other websites, share your page personally or online, and to get picked up by search engines.


While all contact info shows as optional, you will need to check at least one phone number and email address.


You will see there are quite a lot of questions in the producer questionnaire , and not all may apply to your particular business. You do not have to fill out all fields , However please read all the questions and fill out all that applies. Remember that you can change the info in section 2 at anytime but Changing the information in section 3 will require re-approval as a producer so it is better to fill it out entirely the first time.  You may notice that “products”, “practices”, and “additional info” show up in both forms, if you wish you can simply copy and paste the text from your section 2 answers to those questions on the section 3 form. you may wish to list your products differently than in the “product types” question, that is up to you.

Now you can login, and your ready to start adding Products!

If you haven’t already,  Please Click here to learn more about how this site works.

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