Adding pictures to products

producerpanel2First make your way to the “Producer Panel” by Clicking “MarketPlace –> Producer Panel” in the Main Menu.

The Producer Panel is your dashboard for all things Producer related.



2.Click the appropriate category (that you listed the product under) in the “Edit [your] Products” section in the bottom right of the producer panel.

You will see a list of products from that category, in the left hand column click “Set Image” beside the product you wish to edit

add image



You will see a page with some instructions, click the “upload new image” icon on the bottom left of the page.

On the next screen click “add files”

Now browse to the image on you computer, and click “open”





Now click the “start” or “start upload” button

Wait until the file upload has finished, then click the (x) button in the top corner of the white area of the screen.

Now Refresh the page using the browsers refresh button or by clicking the “return to previous page” button then clicking “set image” again (as in step one)

After refreshing the page, you will see the image you uploaded in the set image page. Hover you mouse over the image and you will see a circle with a check-mark appear in the center. Click that check-mark/circle, then click “return to previous page”


When you return to the product list, you should now see the image associated with the product in the list.

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