Viewing and editing your Basket

From the Shopping Panel or under “Marketplace” in the Main Menu select “View Current Basket”:viewbask

From here you can add to, or subtract/remove, any item(s) you have added to your basket. You can also send a message to the producer of a product by entering it in the “optional message to producer” field then clicking “update message”(where shown below)basket

Again remember: (as pasted all over the site and in the “terms of service”) that while you have full control over your basket during the “Order Cycle”(between the order “open” and “close” dates) You agree to purchase whatever is still in your basket when the order “closes”. There is no “checkout” button. The date currently shown at the top of the basket is the “delivery day”. The “order closing” date is visible on left side of the main Shopping Panel.

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