How to place an order

Users must be logged in to place an order. If you are not yet registered, click “Sign-up” on the right side of the screen, or checkout “Signing up as a Consumer Member” for more information.

If you log-in from the homepage, the next page you should see is the “Shopping Panel”.  Otherwise, you can navigate to there by clicking “MarketPlace”–>”Shopping panel” in the Main Menu, as shown here:shopanel

The first things to always check are the “Order Cycle” “open” and “close” dates, and the “Delivery Day(s)”.

These are currently visible on both the homepage and in the top-left of the Shopping Panel.ordercycle

Order “Open” and “Close” Dates: Consumers can place their orders between these dates, to be delivered on the following “Delivery Day”.  Rather than having a “checkout” button that locks-in your order, you maintain full control over your basket while the order cycle is “open”, and all baskets are checked-out automatically when the order cycle “closes”. This means you have more control over your basket during the order cycle, however it also means that whatever you have in your basket at the end of the “order cycle”, you are agreeing to purchase.

Delivery Day(s): This is when we distribute all orders made during this “Order Cycle” to-and-from all points at once. You can choose to pick up your order at one of our “Pick Up Points”, or have it delivered to your address.

Now lets start shopping by,

Viewing the catalogue:

Along the right side of the Shopping Panel there are a number of categories and a search field. From here, or in the Main Menu (as shown below), you can begin viewing the product or producer catalogue(s):panelproducts

When viewing by category: you can switch between views with the “list”, “grid”, and “cloud” buttons. Select a category or sub-category to begin viewing products.


To add an item to your basket, simply click “Add to basket” beside the item, as shown:


If you haven’t already selected pick-up point or a delivery zone, the site will ask you to select one the first time you attempt to add a product to your basket. Currently, the site will ask you to choose from amongst all delivery zones (map coming v. soon). In the future we intend to fix this, so whats displayed is always relevant to your address. Your site selection can be changed later from the Shopping Panel or while viewing your basket, Click here to see where.


To add to, or subtract from, the amount you wish to purchase, click the “+” and “-” buttons that appear on the left side of the product after you’ve added it:add2tobask

Next lets look at “Viewing and editing your Basket”

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