How this site works

The Online Marketplace is like a virtual farmers market and a local food terminal rolled into one, providing a space for retail and wholesale direct trade between local producers and consumers.

Producers can manage their own profiles, products, and inventory. Local consumers can conveniently fill their shopping list, purchasing from multiple sources at once. On our “Delivery Days”, the co-op provides efficient distribution for everyone at once on an “at cost” basis.

Everything on this site happens along an “Order Cycle”. The Ordering Cycle’s opening times, closing times, and Delivery Days, are visible on the main Shopping Panel.

  • While The Order Cycle is “open”, Consumer can place and change their orders.
  • When the ordering cycle closes Producers are notified of the orders, and
  • On our “Delivery Days”, the co-op provides distribution.

When you begin to order, The site will give you a chance to select your desired pickup location or delivery zone. Either option occurs on the “Delivery Day(s)”. You can change this selection again later in the  “Shopping Panel “.

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