About The GWCC

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The Guelph Wellington Community Co-op is a Multi-stakeholder Co-operative owned and run by the people, for the people. We are local Producers, Consumers, and Workers who collectively own and democratically operate infrastructure that serves our communities and provides empowerment in our society.

The Online Marketplace of our Food Hub provides a space where  local consumers can purchase directly from local producers and we provide the distribution “at cost”. Also operating like a buying club, outside products from ethical sources can be made available.

We are a local-comes-first system that honors our local producer members and a “food shed” style approach to regional food systems. In essence we are a collectively owned distribution system providing direct local trade and collective interaction with outside markets.  In this way, we are steering the benefits of the “economies of scale” toward the collective    …of that scale.

Our Co-operative model is set up so that all excess revenues, beyond what the membership has voted to put back into the co-op, go back to the people it they came from. In other words, at the end of the year we find out if we made any money off of you, and if we did, we say “oops! Here, please have it back!”.


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