Welcome to our new site!

Our Online MarketPlace is ready and registrations are open! We are currently running some “demo-cycles” as we prep to finally begin operating this Spring! For now, and until further notice:

  • Currently visible products and producers on this site are for demonstration proposes only. -All demo material is set to be removed very soon.
  • Memberships are available! Click here to register!
  • Consumers: Membership dues may be sent online. However, remember that we are running demo cycles until launch time comes around. Current products can be used to view how the site works, but are not actually available for purchase.
  • New Producers: You can register now and even start adding your products! We will contact you within 2-3 business days to inquire whether you want to remain “pending” until the real selling begins, or if you would like your products to be visible while we are still running demos. You can also email info@gwccoop.org or call 226 706 5510 for more information.
  • Routes and drop off points will be continually updated based on our membership. As more active consumer members join from the same area, we can afford to make delivery cheaper, and we are more likely to have a hub or pickup point in that area.
  • Along with products, active Delivery cycles are currently for demonstration purposes only.
  • Menus: You may notice some new Main Menu items don’t show up the same on some pages, these pages are all sub-items that are still available by clicking the menu option they would normally show under.  We are still adding some “about” and “how to” pages amongst others, and so very soon we will performing the menu update in one swoop to save time.
  • Paypal is working and can be used to pay for memberships (we do prefer cash or check for Membership purchases, since Paypal takes a cut and the shares are refundable, like a deposit)


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